Unlocked Surf - Your Surf Holiday in France

Melonseed: Ludo, we had the chance to meet you last September while being surfing in France. From the first second on you give someone that feeling: „Hey I really want to go surfing with this guy“ ;-). You make someone feeling comfortable around you and you touched us with your deep connection to the ocean. As we heard about your upcoming business of guided surf trips to uncrowded surf spots in France we were stoked. We are more than happy to share and spread your idea of unlocked surf. Therefore, we want to know more about you. Can you present yourself:


Ludo: I'm Ludovic Lossky, I'm 29 years old. I’m from Switzerland and grew up in Geneva.

I’ve been traveling around the globe for more than 10 years for my passion of surfing.

I have now the pleasure to be officially established in the South West of France for almost 6 years now.


I’m a Shiatsu therapist and surf instructor and I’ve been doing that since I am living in France. 


Lately, I’ve been building a company based on providing surfcamps with Swiss quality expectations. Our offer is focused on the mainly landlocked countries close to France such as Switzerland, Germany, …

Through my travels I found the inspirations and needs that could be shared through the surfcamps that I offer with unlocked surf.


Melonseed: What exactly is „unlocked surf“ and what differs you from other surfcamps?


Ludo: What differs us from the other surfcamps is that you’ll be guided & coached exclusively by my partners and me. We are very nice people :). We all have a close connection with Switzerland (citizenship, work & living experiences). So, we know what it is to be living in a landlocked surf country when you are passionate by surfing and you have a minimal time that you can spend in the water. You simply want to maximize it.


Plus and most important thing: We know every inch of beaches and sand banks… From crowded to uncrowded! No need to put pressure on localism, we know everyone! 

We have the organisation to provide you whatever your needs are! 

(accomodation, food, activities, services)


Melonseed: What does your services include?


Ludo: What is in the service that we propose for the intermediates: 


-we don’t wanna bring you where everyone goes… we want to optimize the surf week and surf only uncrowded places

-in that package we play on 70km of coast depending on the forecast

-we do individual video analysis to help you improve

-we provide 2 guides every sessions in order to guarantee you the best coaching

-for the beginners we have it all covered ; we are so far number one in Labenne-Ocean;-) we choose the best sand bank and usually we are by ourselves! 

-we can provide accomodation, food and various activities 


In the end it's just optimizing the surf when you have one week of holiday and you don't want to think about the conditions, the sand banks, the tides, the localism etc... - just come with us and enjoy your time in the water.

We try to go as much off the beaten tracks, if possible with no one out. 


Come and unlock your surf with us! More information here: "unlocked surf"









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