Do you live in a landlocked country and are you about to plan your next surf trip? Dreaming of uncrowded places and surf holidays with no worries? Then we have something for you! This article is about an amazing new surf experience in France where you can stop worrying about tides and crowds and just surf more! Et voilà - "unlocked surf"
Reni Bickel is a Swiss surfer, Yoga teacher, health therapist and entrepreneur. Her interests circle around a healthy and joyful lifestyle. In order to keep on traveling, surfing and connecting with like-minded, she started a new project with her Swiss companion Juy Würtenberg: FLOATLOVERS embodies both their passions, Yoga and surfing. The ideal way to meet Melonseed friends and like-minded people. Because the goal of our day is joy, and the condition for a joyful life is good health.
The Lembongan life is all about devotion to their deity, bringing balance and a healthy connection to earth to their lives. Wouldn`t that be a good example to follow?
Marlon Gerber: An interview on a balcony with a pro surfer

A few weeks ago I had the chance to interview the Indonesian surf legend Marlon Gerber. We met on the ‚balcony’ - his familiy`s restaurant. Nearly every pro surfer already enjoyed a rest on this famous balcony while surfing in Indonesia. Over salad and a fruit juice Marlon talked about his biggest surf moments, health trends, challenges of keeping up with the next generation and why Gnocchis are a vital part of a balanced diet.
One summer day during the Indonesian winter time, I was sharing a slice of melon with Swiss pro surfer Martin Suter. Watching the waves on the beach in Sumbawa, we talked about his life story as a landlocked surfer, his endless passion for the element water and the balancing act between work and following one` s heart.